Spain Papers Review – Tuesday January 31 2012
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By h.b. – Jan 31, 2012 – 9:00 AM
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The European Summit and Mariano Rajoy dominate the front pages today.
El Mundo highlights an off camera recording in which Rajoy admits to his colleagues that the labour reform is going to cost him a General Strike. The paper says he told the rich Europe that his reform is serious.
El País headlines ‘The labour reform is going to cost me a General Strike’, and reports that Rajoy told his colleagues that ‘the most difficult part comes now’. The paper says that Brussels has called on Spain to pass the budget for 2012.
ABC headlines that Rajoy fears the labour reform will bring a General Strike.
Público reports that a million more people have fallen into poverty in Spain in a year.

El País notes that the EU austerity treaty was signed without the Czechs and British. It notes the text consolidates fiscal discipline with a deficit limit of 0.5%.

El Mundo reports that the business partner of Iñaki Urdangarin has asked the judge for protection from ‘eggs and tomatoes’. Diego Torres’ lawyer is taking it as read that there will be ‘the throwing of foodstuffs’ on February 11 of measures are not taken to stop it.

El Mundo reports that Francisco Alvarez Cascos is calling elections in Asturias, after failing to achieve support for his budgets.
El País notes it comes after just six months in Government.
ABC makes the same observation, as does La Razón which says that Rajoy got the backing of Spain from the EU, and Spain will get 10.7 billion for plans to fight unemployment.

El Mundo reports that the PSOE are to appeal against the Francisco Camps not guilty verdict. The Valencia Socialist party, who placed the private accusation in the case, has confirmed the appeal will be made.

Público headlines that with four days to go to the 38th PSOE Congress, ‘Zapatero asks for a clean game’, and calls for no ‘unnecessary tensions’ from the leadership fight between Rubalcaba and Chacón.

ABC says the Guardia Civil says that they have witnesses to the destruction of evidence in the ERA scandal in Andalucía.

La Razón says the Government is to eliminate Education for the Citizens law and Minister Wert will present his reforms today, based on the culture of effort and excellence.

El País shows crying Spanair staff as the airline has sacked 2,075 workers after the bankruptcy. Público notes the airline has left a black hole of 300 million €.

In Syria El País reports that President Asad is bloody again with fighting in the suburbs against opposition forces.

And finally,
Público tells us that there is a war is underway against cats so that they do not do away with endangered species.

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